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Guidance - Suitable for age 10 and above.


Like rock, rap is in the news and there have been countless lawsuits and subpoenas against artists on both sides of the Atlantic: Ice-T's "Cop Killer" and his band Bodycount, which was castigated by Republican candidate Dan Quayle. NWA's "Fuck The Police" and its relationship with the FBI, the trials of Ministère Ämer (and the astronomical fine for his "Chicken Sacrifice"), Sniper, the judicial saga of the band La Rumeur and NTM sentenced to a 6-month ban from performing. What is the situation today? Can rap go too far? And what are the limits of a genre always tempted by hardcore and overbidding? Political, gore or sexual, censorship is never far away for extreme rhymers. Urban Stories opens the Museum of Horrors and tells the story of this dark side of a music made to test the limits of freedom of expression. In order of appearance : Abou Debeing - Driver - Emmanuelle Kharinos (Abcdr du Son) - Seth Gueko - Sofiane - Koma (Scred Connexion) - Lord Ekomy Ndong - Juliette Fievet - Abib Mbaye (Universal Abidjan) - Doc Gynéco - Ekoué (la Rumeur) - Fabrice Eboué - Orelsan - Mehdi Maizi - Skread - DJ Pone (NTM) - Sako (straw dogs) - Fabien Kourtzer (White from White & Spirit) - Mike Kourtzer (Spirit from White & Spirit) - Maj Trafyk - Georgio - Saba (Abidjan) - Bruno Laforestrie (Radio Mouv') - Kozak (Abidjan) - Stelair (Abidjan) - Menelik. Language: FRA

 Read more Read less Duration: 53 min