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Guidance - Suitable for age 10 and above.


Is rap music homophobic? The question arose when the famous French band Sexion D'Assaut was accused of having homophobic slurs in a press interview. Homosexuality and rap music seem to be impossible to reconcile, at least for some artists. And when rappers spit on an open mic scene, one of the first insults is "Faggot". Why such a hatred of gay people? Some lyrics by 50 Cent, Eminem or Ice Cube have been accused of lyrical gay bashing, and some reggae dancehall artists went as far as to sing about shooting or burning "batty men" in their lyrics. So, are all rappers homophobic? Are there homosexual rappers? Urban Stories met with artists like Mykki Blanco, who is openly gay, and others rappers, producers or beatmakers, in the US, in France and in the Ivory Coast, about this touchy subject. The result is encouraging and proves the mentalities are evolving. Appearing in this episode : Fabrice Eboué - Seth Gueko - DJ Pone (NTM) -Doc Gynéco - Koma (Scred Connexion) - Emmanuelle Kharinos (Abcdr du Son) - Sofiane - Skread - Menelik - Driver - Mehdi Maizi - Kozak (Abidjan) -Abib Mbaye - Fabien Kourtzer (White de White & Spirit) - Mykki Blanco Language: ENG

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