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Guidance - Suitable for age 10 and above.


If the recent decades have seen a significant change in the image of Africa, it is largely due to urban music. Since hip-hop emerged in Senegal in the 1990s with groups such as Positive Black Soul, Daara J, Pee Froiss and Rapadio, the entire continent has grabbed the microphone to tell its story, protest or simply make people dance. Among the hip-hop active countries, South Africa ranks in the top tier, which has experienced exponential growth since the turn of the century. Since the advent of Ninja and Yolandi Visser, alias Die Antwoord, a new generation has emerged in the country of Mandela but also on the continent. From Cape Town to Lagos, making a long stop in Abidjan, Urban Stories follows in the footsteps of Zulu, Nigerian and Ivorian African rap. A presentation of those who could soon become the new world stars of the Rap Game. Africa is the future! In order of appearance : Abou Debeing - Juliette Fievet - Sofiane - Abib Mbaye (Universal Abidjan) - Terely - Ekoué (the Rumour) - Georgio - Molare - Mehdi Maizi - Sako (straw dogs) - Menelik - Emmanuelle Kharinos (Abcdr du Son) - Lord Ekomy Ndong - Seth Gueko - Kiff No Beat - Lil Jay - Shado Chris - Nash - Saba - Bop de Narr - Kozak (Abidjan) - Stelair (Abidjan) - Skread. Language: FRA

 Read more Read less Duration: 55 min