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Guidance - Suitable for age 10 and above.


They have sold millions of records, yet no one knows their faces. Who dominates the charts in France? Them. Producers whose names are not known by the general public, only their sounds. BBP, Skread, Therapy, Dany Synthé: so many shadow figures who shape the instrumentals of the rappers of the moment. There are signatures that make the difference and guarantee formatting. When record companies need certainties for their airplay, they call them. Urban Stories penetrates the dark side of the rap business and investigates these unknown stars who spend their nights in front of machines and are the trump card of the majors in quest of radio hits. In order of appearance : Abou Debeing - Mehdi Maizi - Menelik - Driver - BBP - DJ Pone (NTM) - Georgio - Koma (Scred Connexion) - Fabien Kourtzer (White from White & Spirit) - Mike Kourtzer (Spirit from White & Spirit) - Emmanuelle Kharinos (Abcdr du Son) - Skread - Seth Gueko - Sofiane - Ekoué (la Rumeur) - Abib M'baye (Universal Music Abidjan) - Juliette Fievet - Sako (chiens de paille) - Patch (Kikkr) Language: FRA

 Read more Read less Duration: 52 min