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Guidance - Suitable for age 10 and above.


New capital of the US rap scene, Atlanta is where the Dirty South was born. Since the success of Arrested Development in the nineties, the music has changed. Strip clubs, bass music, electro and musical brutality are some of the strong suits of this new tendency that is trap. Goodie Mob was among the first bands to use the term "trap", this new style that has conquered in the charts. With its sub basses, electronic sounds, cinema strings and banging 808 drum machines, the trap sound is now crossing the borders and influencing even French rap. This trap sound uses money, drugs and sex as fuel for their risqué lyrics and dark tales of the ghetto. In the streets, the studios and the adult clubs of Atlanta, Urban Stories went looking for the players of the trap game and brought back this instant picture of this musical phenomenon which took its roots in the "Miami Bass" of the eighties and nineties. Appearing in this episode : Rodney Carmichael - Wonder B -DJ Filthy Rich - Strap Da Fool (Travis Porter) - DJ Burn One - Cody Patrick - Wendy Day - DJ Mook B - DJ Jelly - F.L.Y. - Scotty ATL - Mark Jackson - Rand « Patch » Ralph - DJ Smooth -Austin Awake. Language: ENG

 Read more Read less Duration: 52 min